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Our massages have everything you need to boost your energy levels. At La Vie Med Spa, personalized service blends with modern technology and luxurious furnishings to create incredible services unlike any other spa in Tyler. You will feel rejuvenated after your visit, and want to come back to our spa time and time again. Click the image for an in depth description of each massage.

**prices and services are subject to change


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle massage that assists in the flow of lymph fluids in the body. When massaged, toxins and waste are released from the body tissues. Lymphatic massage is beneficial for conditions such as lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Other Benefits include:

  • Studies show that LDM reduces post-op swelling and soreness which leads to a 50% faster recovery. 

  • Cleanses and detoxes body by flushing out toxins and waste

  • Clients feel relieved and energized in just days after receiving treatment

  • Skin appears clearer, brighter, and healthier due to the removal of excess toxins

  • Great for pregnant or lactating women: clears out blocked ducts and assists in the overall breastfeeding experience

  • Aids in normalizing organ system, enhancing metabolism (which aids in weight loss), and boosts immune system

Summer Williams is now a Master Level Certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialist. She holds the highest level of Lymphatic Massage in East Texas. 

Other Massage Services

Relaxing Massage

La Vie Signature

Our most popular massage customized to your needs.

30min- $40      1hr- $75

1.5 hr- $105       2hr- $150

Back Massage

Deep Tissue

A deeper massage addressing knots, tension, scar tissue, and restricted fascia.

30 min- $40      1hr-  $75

1.5 hr- $105       2hr- $140

prenatal massage.jpg


A nurturing massage that focuses on the needs of the special mother-to-be.

30min- $40      1hr- $75

1.5 hr- $105       2hr- $140


Bamboo Massage

This massage is no longer available. 

1hr- $85

1.5 hr- $115       2hr- $150

Couple Hugging

Couples Massage

Couples can experience the the healing massage experience in an intimate and serene room designed just for them. 

30min- $80      1hr- $150

1.5 hr- $210       2hr- $280


Aroma Therapy

Enhance the healing effects of your massage by adding essential oils and herbs.

30min- $45      1hr- $80

1.5 hr- $110       2hr- $145



A relaxing and energizing massage that uses long, firm strokes and light to moderate pressure.

30min- $40      1hr- $75

1.5 hr- $105       2hr- $150

Stones Massage

Hot Stone

Warm up tight muscles, increase circulation, and experience deeper relaxation.

30 min- $45      1hr- $80

1.5 hr- $110       2hr- $145

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage

Enhance perfomance, improve conditioning, speed recovery, prevent injury, and reach peak fitness. 

30min- $40      1hr- $75

1.5 hr- $105       2hr- $140


Spot Treatment

Relieve pain in a few short minutes. Perfect for your hectic schedule.

$1/ min with a $20 min


Abdominal Therapy

Improve the digestive system and experience pain and stress relief and recieve assistance with scar tissue.


30min- $40

Swedish Massage

Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic massage is beneficial for conditions such  as lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.


30min- $40      1hr- $75

Master Certified Lymphatic Drainage- $85 (1 hr)

Meet The Team

Meet The massage Team



"Dorsey is awesome! After one 30 minute deep tissue massage I am feeling so much better! She is the best!!!"

-Cheyenne R.

Madison Litzenberger

"I have been going to Mady for some time...She is simply the best. Professional. Exceptionally talented. Great person. Couldn't ask for a better experience."

-RIchard A.

Summer Williams

"I got a hot stone massage with Summer. I'm pretty sure she's a miracle worker"

-Allison B.



"Lauren Cruz is the best and most knowledgeable therapist that I have ever been to!!"

-Russel E.